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Welcome to Real Wisdom TV

I am genuinely both honored and humbled to be part of the launch of this incredible platform.  When Co-Founders Jonathan Stone, Gail Kingsbury and I came together to create Real Wisdom our mission was to establish a universe where people can come to seek knowledge and ideas that can transform their lives and become the very best versions of them.  A mere six months later we are embarking on a launch.  Incredible.

I am humbled because I now have the opportunity to work with some of the world’s most incredible thinkers.  The thought leaders you will find here at Real Wisdom truly represent the greatest minds in the world.  They have and will continue to help our community here become the very best versions of ourselves.  So as we begin this journey together I am thinking about our own personal system of beliefs.  How do we learn and grow as humans?  One of my favorite quotes is from Socrates – “True wisdom starts with the understanding that we know nothing.”  Its what we think we know that holds us back from attaining a true level of understanding of the world around us.  We are blind to the gifts that exist both in the universe and within us which will allow us to transform and achieve greatness.

Whether we seek to be smarter, better at our jobs, have better relationships or just be happier in general, our own individual belief systems can hold us back from the ability to transform ourselves.  Here, we created a space where we all can collectively open our minds.  We cannot grow unless we are willing to continuously learn and to constantly challenge everything we think we know.  You think your partner doesn’t or won’t understand you if you share something deep and painful.  Your boss will never give you a raise or expand your job duties.  You believe you can’t create your own business because you can’t afford to take the risk.  These aren’t realities.  They are the realities we CREATE based on a belief system that you have bought into.

At one time, it was “accepted” by scientists that the earth was flat.  Those challenging this notion were ridiculed and derided. I’ve tried to think about every assumption I have had held dear that has proven so utterly wrong.   About ways I have released previously held convictions and allowed myself to evolve.  I thought about parenting.  Before I became a father (to two incredible boys) I made so many assumptions about what they should be like.  I had an idea in my head about the kind of boys they should be and how I will mold them into men.  Well, fairly quickly I learned that doesn’t really work.  Every assumption I made was pretty much wrong. I believed they would love sports like me and grow up to be Yankee fans and love the Jets.  WRONG.  I figured they would love all the music I love because I have such great taste in music.  WRONG AGAIN.  And yet, once I let go of trying to impose on them what I believed they should be and just let them grow, as individuals, into the amazing kids they are, my entire perspective of parenting had changed.  My beliefs were wrong.  And I became a better parent – in fact I transformed as a parent –  when I rid myself of these preconceived notions of what parenting was about.

I knew nothing.  By allowing myself to learn from my kids, I understood that being a great parent isn’t about imposing what I want on my kids.  Its about listening to them and helping them grow and learn to be strong individuals who make great choices for themselves.  I want to keep growing.  To be inspired.  And now we have a place where we can do this together.   Socrates also said “wisdom begins in wonder.”  We have so much to learn…

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